Volare E. E.


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Justin and Leonia meet on a flight from London to Pisa with an unscheduled stop-over at an airport in Paris. He is recovering from an emotional break-up, while she has been a widow for many years. This marks the start of a friendship that continues in Valdera, half-way between Pisa and Vol- terra, where Leonia runs a tourist accommodation facility that is preparing to host a conference on Cinema, which Justin will also attend as a film producer. A kaleidoscope of friends and relatives revolves around their story. There will be no shortage of mysteries, furtive characters, lost and found films from bygone days, love stories that blossom, others that end, all in the shade of the Fleeting Moment, a 16th century building that provides the ideal stage for an Arcadian landscape where time passes in slow motion and emotions have time to settle.

Daniela Pasqualetti was born in 1957 in Capannoli Val d’Era (Pisa), where she currently lives. By day she works in an interior design company, by night she dedicates herself to writing. Her first novel, Perfect Days, was published by Ensemble.

Author:Daniela Pasqualetti
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